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Caption: Sponsored Panels at the APA

A special feature of these panels sponsored at the APA meetings, and something on which the Society rigorously insists, is that they should be devoted to audience debate and not to the presentation of numerous or long papers. The topics of these panels, therefore, apart from being topical and controversial, are presented in the form of a disputed question. Two different speakers or teams of speakers, speaking for no longer than fifteen minutes each, argue in turn on either side of the question, making available also to the audience a short handout summarizing their arguments. Thereafter the rest of the session (amounting to some two hours) is given up to discussion by, with, and among the audience and the panelists. So far we have had no problem filling up these two hours with intense and lively debate. Please view the video selections from some of our previous panels to get an idea of what our sessions are like.

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