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Image: Thomas More
St. Thomas More
Painted by Hans Holbein the Younger
Image: John Duns Scotus
Bl. John Duns Scotus

Translations from John Duns Scotus Summa Theologica
(as compiled by Jerome of Montefortino)
contrasted with the parallel passages from

Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologica

Translation of William de la Mare Correctorium Fratris Thomae, or Corrective of Brother Thomas

Translations from the Ordinatio or Opus Oxoniense of Blessed John Duns Scotus

Translations from the Questions on the Sentences by Antonius Andreas: a Lesser Summa of Scotus

Translations from Francis of Meyronnes

Translations from the Ordinatio of William of Ockham

Translation of Francisco Suarez Defense of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith against the Errors of Anglicanism

Translations from St. Robert Bellarmine's Disputations

Translation of Allan Wolter's Summula Metaphysicae

  • Scotus/Aquinas Summa Theologica
    ST Ia IIae Q.17 The Acts Commanded by the Will (PDF, 40KB)
  • ST Ia IIae Q.90 The Essence of Law (PDF, 74.7KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.91 The Various Kinds of Law (PDF, 76.2KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.92 The Effects of Law (PDF, 65.2KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.93 The Eternal Law (PDF, 12KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.94 The Natural Law (PDF, 121KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.95 The Human Law (PDF, 9.91KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.96 The Power of Human Law (PDF, 49KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.97 The Mutability of Human Law (PDF, 66.6KB)
    ST Ia IIae Q.100 The Moral Precepts of the Old Law
    (PDF, 85.6KB)

    For translations of other questions from Scotus click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page (

  • Summa of a Scotus Summa
    Ia QQ.1-3 (PDF, 353KB)
  • Ia QQ.75-77 (PDF, 318KB)
    Ia IIae QQ.1-17 (PDF, 750KB)
    Ia IIae QQ.90-100 (PDF, 262KB)
    IIIa QQ.27-29 (PDF, 175KB)
    IIIa QQ.60-62 (PDF, 175KB)

  • William de la Mare. Correctorium.
    Corrective of Brother Thomas (PDF, 950KB)

  • Scotus Ordinatio
    Prologue. Volume One of the Critical Edition (PDF, 401KB)
    Ordinatio I d.1-2. Volume Two of the Critical Edition (PDF, 618KB)
    Ordinatio I d.[3]4-10 Volume Four of the Critical Edition (PDF, 746KB)
    Ordinatio I d.11-25 Volume Five of the Critical Edition (PDF, 1.04MB)
    Ordinatio I d.26-48 Volume Six of the Critical Edition (PDF, 1.42MB)
    Ordinatio I All Five Volumes together (PDF, 4.51MB)
    Ordinatio II d.1-3 Volume Seven of the Critical Edition (PDF, 1.74MB)
    Ordinatio II d.4-44 Volume Eight of the Critical Edition (PDF, 1.25MB)
    Ordinatio II Both Volumes together (PDF, 2.63MB)
    Ordinatio III d.1-17 [18-25] Volume Nine of the Critical Edition (PDF, 1.5MB)
    Ordinatio III d.26-40 Volume Ten of the Critical Edition (PDF, 900 KB)
    Ordinatio IV d.1-7 Volume Eleven of the Critical Edition (PDF, 500KB)
    Ordinatio IV d.13 [On the categories of relation and action a propos the Eucharist] Volume Twelve of the Critical Edition (PDF, 200KB)

  • Antonius Andreas' Summa
    Questions on the Four Books of Peter Lombard's Sentences
    Book One d.1-4, 26 (PDF, 750KB)

    Book Two (PDF, 150KB)

    Book Three (PDF, 227KB)

  • Francis of Meyronnes. On Univocity.
    Treatise on the Univocity of Being (PDF, 205KB)

  • Ockham Ordinatio
    Prologue. Volume One of the Critical Edition (PDF, 100KB)

  • Suarez' Defense
    Introduction (PDF, 59KB)
    Book 1. On Anglicanism and Catholicism (PDF, 1.24Mb)
    Book 2. Particular Errors of King James (PDF, 773KB)
    Book 3. On Temporal and Spiritual Power (PDF, 1.50MB)
    Book 4. On Ecclesiastical Immunity and Liberty (PDF, 1.77MB)
    Book 5. On Antichrist (PDF, 1.28MB)
    Book 6. On the Oath of Fidelity (PDF, 798KB)
    All six books, single spaced. (PDF, 5.79MB)
  • Paperback edition.
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  • Bellarmine's Disputations
    Volume I, Controversy I: On the Word of God, Written and Unwritten (PDF, 1.8MB)
  • Bellarmine's Disputations
    Volume I, Controversy 2: On Christ the Head of the Whole Church (PDF, 1.84MB)
  • Bellarmine's Disputations
    Volume I, Appendix to Controversy 3: On the Transfer of the Roman Empire from the Greeks to the Germans (PDF, 150KB)

  • Allan B Wolter.
    Little Summary of Metaphysics (PDF, 600KB)

Image: First of November
First of November, Engraved by George Wright